Tuesday, December 4, 2012

OCMC Thank You

The final class for OCMC took place this week, and for all who were lucky enough to take part in this great experience, it was a little sad to see it all end. I think I can speak for my fellow classmates and say that none of us could have imagined how much fun and how fulfilling of an experience this was.  We all walked out with so much more than just a credit from Humber; we left with some great memories, amazing new friends, more confidence, and with a greater understanding of how to prepare ourselves for what lays ahead after graduation.
For those who aren’t familiar with OCMC, it stands for Ontario College Marketing Competition, which is a marketing competition that takes place at a different college every year. This year it was hosted at Seneca College – and they did a wonderful job at doing so. The competition began with an event called the Quiz Bowl, where a panel of judges test students on their knowledge about business marketing. Humber was represented by five amazing students; Felix Carapaica, Kevin Carino, Christopher Channell, Graiden Vanderveen and Hlina Woldeselasie; they made very Humber proud by placing 1st, 2nd and 4th in the competition.
The next day, the Case Study Competition took centre stage. This is the part of the competition where students are given a half an hour/hour (depending on which category) to read and analyze a marketing case, and prepare a PowerPoint presentation for a panel of judges. Humber was represented by some of our top students, who did a fantastic job; in Direct Marketing we had James Adams and Jonathon Norgard, Entrepreneurship Barbara Crescentini and James Adams, IMC Ashley Dann and Aidan Sykes, International Marketing Tim Brilhante and Olga Maracheva, Marketing Anthony Bailey and Cameron Downs, Marketing Research Alexander Emelyanov and Mike Pastyr, Retail Tim Brilhante and Rachel Kennedy, Job Interview Randall Baker, the Sales Presentation 4th Place Aldredge Pinto and for Sales Account Place Management 3rd Melissa D’Alessandro Jonathon Norgard.
 The past three months of practicing early in the morning and late at night was all worth it. I want to thank all the teachers who took time out of their crazy schedules to help prepare all the students; we could not have done it without you and my most sincere ‘thank you’ goes out to you as the confidence you instilled in us over the past few months will last a lifetime. This was such a great experience for all that took part and offered us so much more than our other courses. It was a moment in our lives that will stay with us forever and the lessons we have learned will help us throughout our careers.
For all who have the opportunity to be at Humber next year, try out for OCMC it’s a memory you’ll never forget.