Monday, November 11, 2013

Need a Nap at Humber?

Have you ever been so tired of school assignments and difficult group members that you feel like you need a nap? Well I know I have those moments at Humber, where all I want to do is close my eyes and fall asleep for a while and wake up fresh for the busy day ahead.

I’ll let you know of some great napping spots that I have found over my 2 years at Humber. The most commonly thought about spots to nap are usually the library and of course in the back of classroom when your professor is speaking. But those places won’t work simply because Humber classrooms aren’t large enough for you to do that - your professor will easily see you - and the library is much more difficult as there are too many students making noise for you to sleep.

So you’re probably wondering where are the best places to sleep? Well it all depends on the time of day and how far you are willing to walk to get a quick nap. If you’re at school in the morning between 8-10 a.m., it is a bit difficult to pinpoint the best place. Right above the cafeteria is usually used for group projects but it is a perfect place to take a quick nap. There are also empty classrooms all around Humber at different times of the day but usually the D, E and H areas have plenty of empty classrooms.

I am not advising anyone to go to school to nap but if you’re tired at any point and need a quick nap to re-energize your mind and body so you can be a better student, then by all means, take a nap!

Hopefully these tips and locations, will help you!