Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why Humber College is #1 for me

 When applying to a post secondary institution, what are some of the first things you do? Do you look at the program outline, the faculty, and actual location of the school? And don’t lie to yourself as you’re reading this, because I know you don’t do any of these things - I didn’t!

As a 20 year old, and with 1 year of University under my belt, I wanted to make a choice that I was actually going to be happy with. So I did the most logical thing and that was to ask friends who were currently at potential schools as well as people who graduated from that school, how difficult it was for them to get a job once they had finished their studies? This was the key for me.

I knew that I wanted a school that would give me hands-on experience as well as a solid foundation in the fundamentals - so I could get that job. My first choice was Humber College, followed by George Brown and Seneca. I weighed my options and after discussing it with alumni, I knew Humber was the right choice for me! Humber could give me the blend I was looking for.

Humber understands that each student has a different needs and varied reasons for coming to Humber. Some come to Humber on their path to University, others come to get the skills and knowledge needed to get a job! This flexible approach also appealed to me.

So here I am - on my way to graduating - and loving it!