Students who graduate from the Business Marketing program either move into related employment opportunities or transfer to university to continue their studies. Approximately 50% of our Marketing program graduates continue their studies at Ontario universities with the opportunity to transfer to a university in Australia for degree completion.

Employment opportunities exist at the entry level in sales, marketing and promotions in a variety of fields with growth in areas related to Internet marketing. Job titles vary from company to company, but typical jobs include: marketing coordinators, marketing analysts, marketing assistants, sales representatives, and account coordinators.

Below you will find a series of videos from the annual event: Humber Graduates Give Back. Alumni return to speak to current Marketing students. Sharing their stories, insights and experiences from within the marketing industry. 

1) As part of the annual Grads Give Back event, Natasha Persad spoke to 2011 Marketing grads. Natasha's inquisitive mind and strong work ethic helped her quickly land a job as a Campaign Manager in the Internet marketing industry. As a December 2010 Marketing grad, Natasha is one of our first grads to benefit from our new Internet Marketing course. 

2) As part of the annual Grads Give Back event, Caralia spoke to 2011 marketing grads. Caralia is working at Mosaic Experiential Marketing as an Account Manager. Her journey from Humber shows how hard work, dedication, and a passion for what you do will open doors. 

3) As part of the annual Grads Give Back event, Marc spoke to 2011 marketing grads. Marc is currently working at Digital Cement as an Account / Project Manager. He graduated from the marketing program in 2005 and wanted to provide insights into the digital marketing industry and how to best approach the job market. 

4) As part of the annual Grads Give Back event, Jeff spoke to 2011 marketing grads. Jeff followed his interest for sales and marketing from the radio broadcasting industry in Western Canada to the Marketing program at Humber College. He graduated in December 2009 and is following his passion for sales and marketing in a small business as an Account Executive at Nearly Famous Enterprises Inc. As a recent grad, Jeff's journey will strike a chord with many students.

5) As part of the annual Grads Give Back event, Dinka spoke to 2011 marketing grads. Dinka is a Business Administration grad with a marketing specialization from Humber College. She transferred to Ryerson University to complete her Business Management (BComm) degree in April 2012. Dinka will share the highs and lows of her journey at Ryerson University and what Humber students following this path can expect. 

6) As part of the annual Grads Give Back event, Noella spoke to 2011 marketing grads. Noella graduated from the Marketing program in 2009 and followed her passion for advertising by transferring to the Creative Advertising Degree program at the Humber Lakeshore campus. Noella will graduate in 2013 and shares information on this program and what doors it opens for her.