The curriculum for the two year Business Marketing program is as follows. For more information, please visit

Semester 1

Course CodeCourse
BISM 120PC Essentials
BMAT 220Mathematics of Finance
BMGT 100Introduction to Business
COMM 200College Writing Skills
HUMA 024Humanities: An Introduction to Arts and Science
MKTG 111Marketing

Semester 2

Course CodeCourse
BACC 100Financial Accounting 1
BECN 100Microeconomics
BLAW 100Business Law
BMGT 201Principles of Management
COMM 300Business Writing Skills
MKTG 211Consumer Services

Semester 3

Course CodeCourse
GNED 000General Education Elective
MKTG 205Retailing 1
MKTG 301Database Management
MKTG 310Marketing Research
MKTG 311Professional Selling
MKTG 406Marketing Communications

Semester 4

Course CodeCourse
BMFS 450Business Placement
GNED 000General Education Elective
MKTG 400Marketing Planning
MKTG 404Internet Marketing
MKTG 461Small Business Planning
MKTG 470International Marketing